Waterside ape in East Devon…seabeet recipes, three courses and my new Storytelling website launch

Free Storytelling Course! It’s an appetiser for my latest online resource.

I have created a free storytelling for outdoor learning course here: http://storytellingforoutdoorlearning.com

It’s the appetiser for a year course that is launching in May…click the picture or link above to find out more!

 Waterside Ape


Monkeying around at the coast…five finger shoes available from http://www.primallifestyle.com

The two 45 minute programmes have me persuaded. There is a part where he talks about the small bones in the ears that close up if we spend too much time in cold water. This “Surfer’s Ear” is something I am aware of… and I always wear a hood when I am surfing in the winter because of this. Supposedly there is fossil evidence for these Ear Exostoses too…at a time when our ape ancestors seemed to be getting a big boost on the brain size front… possibly from eating alot more fish…

However other scientists such as Prof Alice Roberts who presented the Incredible Human Journey on BBC2 infer that Sir David Attenborough was putting forward an implausible theory based on the lack of evidence. Is Sir David “Monkeying” around I wonder.
At least the radio show wasn’t broadcast on April 1st… so of now I am going to give it some credence. What do you think?

Three courses in May

I am running three courses in May at the lovely Bulstone Springs Farm, nr Sidmouth, East Devon.

19th Wild-food forage and cook up on the 19th May 6-9pm £30 More info herehttp://www.wholeland.org.uk/foraging-course/)

20th Wildfire! Learn fire by friction using the bow drill and the hand-drill 10-4pm £65 More info here (http://www.wholeland.org.uk/firebyfriction/)

21st Understanding Bird language course 9.30-4.00pm £65 More info here (http://www.wholeland.org.uk/birdlanguagecourse/)

Come on all three for £130 Hang out round the fire into the night… wake up early for the amazing dawn chorus!

You can camp over at the farm for £5 a night…it’s a great place for hammocks too

Wild Food

Plant of the moment: Buck’s Horn (Staghorn) plantain – Plantago coronopus. This is one of my favourite seaside edibles. It can grow to quite some size in sheltered sites. I love it for it’s geometry and it’s salty, crunchy delicacy equally. It’s also fairly easy to identify.

On a visit to Charmouth recently I picked a little salad to finely shred and go with some bacon…it was a mixture of see beet, buck’s horn plantain and black mustard (for the wasabi like kick).

Favourite wildfood recipe: Robin’s Seabeet Chowder

Try this lovely recipe from the amazing Eat Weeds site. if you can get to the coast and find some seabeet: If not substitute with beetroot greens, kale, or spinach.

Sea Beet Chowder (Well Maybe)

Top Tip!

Remember to climb trees at this time of year too as you get a much better view!… and some blatant advertising for my favourite shoes… most excellent for tree climbing they are too. (http://www.primallifestyle.com)

In winter you can wear wooly socks from injinji.com inside the shoes too! http://www.feetus.co.uk