Here’s some feedback about Chris Holland and Wholeland events:

“Thank you for all the inspiration you have given me for my evolving practice of forest school. I love how you spark the magic and music in nature and children and of course the imagination through storytelling! I’ve always approached FS with an env education / conservation/ science hat on but experiencing your wild school sessions really opened up something in me and that combined with the freedom I felt in Portugal has released a sense of fun and permission within myself to release the magic that I have always experience myself in nature -and now I’m starting to share that with the children in my sessions- and it feels marvellous!! Thanks so much!”

“You have a really special way of engaging with the children and bringing your subject alive. All the staff said to me how impressed they were with how you communicated so successfully with the various age groups”

Thanks again for your work with us. You were quite a find and your work with our pupils made a positive difference to their school year.

“It was well taught and managed, and Chris had an excellent teaching style. It felt more like a day out than a training course!”

“Dear Chris, Where to start…The day with you was so positive, with just the right balance of activity and input. I loved the combination of story-telling, music-making and practical work, giving all involved the opportunity to use, practise and develop such a wide range of skills. You are an exceptional facilitator, and teacher, and I am in awe of your creativity. Very many thanks for delivering such a stimulating, thought provoking course.”? Lee Ryman, Headteacher, Treehouse School

“Excellent! The children’s faces showed just how much they enjoyed (the stories).”

“Great thanks to you for an incredible experience in Devon. The morning with you was the highlight of the week. We loved every minute of it and will definitely do all we can to encourage our teams to engage with your special magic in future offsites.”

“Hi Chris
I’m a psychotherapist and am just starting to work with children and adults in natural envirnments in London.  I’ve just had an amazing pilot session with 9 children from Kids Company in a south London park, they loved the day and it was really exciting for me as a practitioner to see how rich the potential is to work therapeutically outdoors. I’m writing with a thank you as I used several of the activities that I learned from you at your workshop during the IOL conference in February.  At the end of the day they were singing and harmonising ‘When I was a walking…’ on the way back to the minibus. Big thanks and warm regards”

“Quite simply the best away day we have had for several years.”

“We thoroughly enjoyed your visit. It was interesting, informative, and great fun.”

“Thanks for all the work at Beaford and for playing at our assembly. It really made the whole experience.”

“An enjoyable, thorough, practical, interesting, educational and fun workshop!”

“The standard of the workshop was exceptionally high and was an excellent stimulus for drama/storytelling work throughout the school”

“It was the best day of my life!”

“More expensive than a supply teacher but much better value”

“It was good to be outdoors all day doing a very practical course; it was very relaxing and informative and I picked up a lot of new skills.”

“I really enjoyed myself on this workshop: at the end of the day I felt I’d achieved something special, and reconnected myself with nature in a simple but lasting way. Thanks, Chris!”

“With gentle humour and wordsmithing skill Chris Holland leads you into a place of imaginative thoughtfulness and soulful smiles. His storytelling comes from an understanding and relationship with the earth that opens the listener’s senses to the natural world. Always a delight!”