The Natural Musicians Course…find out about what happened in a stone circle that changed my relationship with music and the land forever.

I want to help people to connect with each other and with nature around us and within us. We are part of the landscape and even though cities are not ‘natural’, we made them, fed by food grown from the earth. Making music and listening to nature is one way to connect.  Today there are … Read more

Story Starters

Occasionally there is a need to start a story with something other than “Once upon a time…”  and so here are a few suggestions I recently put up on facebook: To join my free storytelling course please click the link below! CLICK HERE – Start your free course now!

World Storytelling Day 2017

World Storytelling Day 2017 Today is almost vernal equinox…time for World Storytelling Day This year I am launching a storytelling for outdoor learning course in May, but for today… Here is one I prepared earlier! grandpa and the two lions from chris holland on Vimeo. I have also created a free storytelling for outdoor learning … Read more