Story Starters

Occasionally there is a need to start a story with something other than “Once upon a time…”  and so here are a few suggestions I recently put up on facebook: To join my free storytelling course please click the link below! CLICK HERE – Start your free course now!

World Storytelling Day 2017

World Storytelling Day 2017 Today is almost vernal equinox…time for World Storytelling Day This year I am launching a storytelling for outdoor learning course in May, but for today… Here is one I prepared earlier! grandpa and the two lions from chris holland on Vimeo. I have also created a free storytelling for outdoor learning … Read more

Waterside ape in East Devon…seabeet recipes, three courses and my new Storytelling website launch

Free Storytelling Course! It’s an appetiser for my latest online resource. I have created a free storytelling for outdoor learning course here: It’s the appetiser for a year course that is launching in May…click the picture or link above to find out more!  Waterside Ape   The two 45 minute programmes have me persuaded. There is … Read more

Natural Flow Learning Keynote in Essex PDF, Wandering the Highlands, funny shoes

In this Post: Keynote Speech  – Powerpoint file to download I grow two more arms during a Natural Musicians Workshop – photos from the workshop. Short video of dynamic natural numbers 6 times table from the workshop Funny Shoes Transforming Outdoor Learning report from Plymouth University Lovely Wandering short film (4 mins) about mountain biking … Read more