Chris Holland the Storyteller

Chris Holland is an Internationally known storyteller and author who has performed at many festivals and schools across the UK.


I am employed by schools to inspire topics, improve writing and speaking skills. I run storytelling and re-telling workshops. I entertain at camps, festivals and functions.


I am also a Forest School leader and trainer with a unique and inspiring ability to work outside with story.  I have worked with schools and educational charities for curriculum enrichment and special projects for particular students.

“With gentle humour and wordsmithing skill Chris Holland leads you into a place of imaginative thoughtfulness and soulful smiles. His storytelling comes from an understanding and relationship with the earth that opens the listener’s senses to the natural world. Always a delight!” – Jane Flood, Storyteller

I tell and enacts a ‘bundle’ of creation myths, wonder tales and sustainability fables from around the world, enhanced by an intriguing collection of musical instruments. The stories are suitable for all ages and are chosen by the audience from the magical ‘story bag’. For more videos of me telling stories click here.

“Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful day last week.  Your sessions were hugely enjoyed by girls and staff alike.  They were so entertaining and absorbing and we would love you to return to us in the future.” Rachel, Librarian, James Allen Girls School

The stories cover a variety of topics and are chosen to encourage wonder and connection with the natural world as well as conversation and debate across a wide range of sustainability issues. Choose from:

Creation Tales from around the world
Sustainability Fables
African Creation Myths and wise tales
Australian Creation myths and good ole yarns for the didgeridoo
The Dream Catcher and other Native American Stories
A world of stories – a mix of the above and more!

Storytelling, story making and re-telling.

Story-making and re-telling workshops are suitable for school children and adults alike. In these fun but intense workshops we learn to play the role of the storyteller. Story-making incorporates environmental art outdoors (indoors on rainy days), while for the story re-telling I share some tricks of the trade and encourages everyone to re-tell their favourite story from the ‘story bag’. All this fun with words and sound-making helps tremendously with writing in class too!

Storytelling workshops for wannabe storytellers – including parents, forest school leaders, teachers and educators.

Many of us know the magic, power and medicine of a story told well at the right moment. Many of us wish we could be better storytellers, (myself included – I wish I could remember more stories and play the guitar…). I let myself off ‘the thorn of perfection’ when I realised that there is no such thing as a perfect storyteller, and that we all tell tales in different ways. Whether we have a natural talent for telling or not, we can always improve in some way. In my workshops I mentor people to work with their edges and help them along the path to becoming a better storyteller. I like to work outdoors where possible, because I find people are less inhibited, more ‘natural’ in outdoor spaces.