The art of the playful forager

Last Friday was a first for me, not only did I stand up regularly on a surf board at Croyde bay, I delivered a talk on foraging INDOORS!

I was asked by the North Devon groups of the Devon Wildlife Trust to give a talk and slideshow on foraging. So I made a slideshow, and planned the talk to include some moments where listeners talked to each other about their own childhood foraging memories, we played some identification games and learnt about activities to connect people to nature, as well as about some plants and how to prepare them.

It went down very well. This is what the chairman had to say afterwards:

On behalf of the Devon Wildife Trust, North Devon Group,
I just wanted to say a huge thankyou for your excellent
We thought it was great and very different from our usual talks.
I don’t ever recall so much active involvement and spearmint sniffing ever.
I was back in the Yorkshire Dales, 60 years ago, picking bilberries last night
and scrumping apples. Awesome!!

If you want to see a rapid movie version of the slideshow… no sound, just the slides, here is it:

The art of the playful forager – chris holland Nature Connection