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I’ve been helping people to connect with nature since I volunteered at a school in Bath during 1993, teaching PE and doing outdoor learning, while working in an apothecary. I received my degree in Environmental Science that year too.

Since those early days I’ve gained thousands of hours of ‘dirt’ time foraging for edible and medicinal plants, studying self heal herbalism, learning bushcraft skills and bird language, practicing storytelling, facilitating games and educational activities for people of all ages.

I’ve also provided oodles of storytelling and didgeridoo workshops for schools.

I became a Forest School Leader in 2004.

I believe people learn best wholistically through play, experience, observation and stories.

Music, stories and games are some of the greatest human connectors.

Through these ways I share the gifts of what I have learnt so far.

In 2009 I self-published my first book, I love my world. It’s a playful, hands-on guide to nature connection used by thousands of educators and parents around the world. 

Michael Morpurgo said I love my world is “Full of fun, imaginative, practical ideas this is a must for everyone concerned with children, the environment and the part we must all play in protecting it.

I have since published more resources…online courses in Storytelling and Music making … that help people connect with nature, each other and their own creativity.

These resources help you grow  in courage and confidence and deepen your connection to self, others and the creation we are part of. 

For online resources scroll down… 

I LOVE MY WORLD – over 8000 copies sold!

This is a free B&W download of the first 10 pages of the paperback book… The online, paper free version available below is in full colour.

I LOVE MY WORLD – The ‘must have’, playful hands-on nature connection guidebook.

Paper free: PDF download and online course format. Full of Stories, games, activities and skills to help us all care for the earth.

Natural Musicians – The game changing way to teach music, nature connection and create community.

Classic sample activity – The Name Drumming Circle with special discount on the full course.

The Storyteller’s Playbook

 A short course in storytelling with loads of ideas for wholistic, creative narrative led learning – both outdoors and indoors.

Natural Musicians set 1 – The game changing way to teach music, nature connection and create community.

A beautiful, video based facilitation training course for change makers: Teachers, parents, educators.

The Storytelling for outdoor learning year Course.

12 more stories to learn, with hundreds of wholistic, narrative led learning ideas, for teachers, parents and forest school leaders.

The Whole-Tarp-Awning

After years of making do… here is one I designed myself. British made and fits 30 or more people underneath in rain and shine.

Whole-learning story packs

Buy the Storytelling for outdoor learning year Course as story packs.

6 weeks of narrative led, creative and wholistic education based around each story for educators who want to do things differently, but still tick the boxes.

Complete with MID TERM PLANS for teachers by creative educational consultant and teacher of over 20 years, RACHEL HIGGINSON.

An enjoyable and engaging creation story with fun activities and lots of links to mini beasts and numeracy.

 A hearty tale about courage, doing the best you can with what you’ve got, and standing up for what you love.

An Achomawi myth about how Rainbows came to be, that links to teamwork, climate change and thinking as if all life matters.

A light hearted and witty wisdom tale from France about creative conflict resolution, marketplace and jesters of old.

A didgeridoo accompanied tale from Australia about the power of words, growth mindset and watching the weather.

A native folk tale from North American about how stories came to be, how rocks support life, and the power of bringing our voice to the world.

An engaging and musical story from the heart of the rainforest about how fruit came to grow all over the world.

A dramatic tale of empathy, survival, volcanoes and the secret of how Fire came to be hidden in the trees.

A modern fairy tale about give and take, making best of an unfortunate event and the wisdom of a generous and humble King.

 A story about the seasons, dealing with change, coping with fears, the wisdom of elders and a song to unite it all.

A Latvian tale about loss, the generosity and harshness of nature, and the carelessness of adolescence.

An Amazonian folk tale about respect for traditions and the folly and selfishness of human greed.