Making the most of school grounds – Nature Connection INSET in Dulwich

Monday was a bright morning and saw me working with almost 30 lovely teachers from Dulwich Village Primary school.

We looked into how to make the most of the school grounds and the apparently limited resources there.

We played wake up and number games, listened and made sound maps on the ground, did mini shelterbuilding and storytelling work, using found objects for times tables, number bonds and music making before heading indoors for some theory, and playful reviewing activities as the rain came in.

Here is some of the feedback:

“A really great day full of great ideas, laughter, and Inspiration. We will certainly be using the natural resources around us more.” and another member of staff:

“I love how there were SO MANY practical ideas and games for using outside with very little man-made objects needed. The fact that I can use so many of these ideas straight away is brilliant!”