Foraging and Bushcraft Stagdo in Norfolk

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To my surprise it was more of a “sten do” than a “stag do”. I like the unexpected.

We all met at the edge of the woods. It was a bit of a rush to get the kit into the woods and camp set up cos the sun was beginning to set and the clouds still heavy and threatening rain. we had to forage for our dinner too. While some got the fire going under the parachute, others collected nettles to go with the blue cheese for the risotto, and a few others, who had set up their bivvis, or bagged a spot in the 15 man tipi tent relaxed, opened a bottle or two and encouraged the proceedings.

Chat, jokes, and sneaking games with water pistols all happened before the hilarious didgeridoo session, and the late night fire side crew did well to finish the whisky after everyone else had gone to bed.

Up. Bright and fairly breezy after the early morning deluge and strong coffee (though the fire did need a bit of huff n puff to get going again), everyone was ready for the plant walk by 10.30, the main focus of this foraging stag do, or bushcraft stag do.

Once again we were so lucky with the weather! (click here for a previous post on a weekend event). We walked and talked, browsed and nibbled our way around an edge of Scoulton mere…

The stag felt the need to get down on his hands and knees to nibble the nipplewort:yello fone_20140510_10_58_47_Pro

Here are two of the thirty or so of the plants we found – do you know what they are?

yello fone_20140514_10_10_44_Pro

yello fone_20140514_10_56_13_Pro

The foraging walk finished off with some iron man wraps! everything was packed away nice and dry in time for the brief finishing circle/ceremony at 3pm.

Great thanks to everyone for being so engaged, fun, and hearty!