events and workshops for one world week

Environmental art/outdoor play activities (indoors with gathered materials and scrap for wet days):

The rainbow makers…storytelling, sculpture making and envisioning the future

Patterns in nature… sculpture making and drama leading to performance.

The seven directions… sculpture/making looking at where we are in the natural cycles of our world

Cycles of life… sculpture making and outdoor play leading to performance

Rainforest days… a whole day multi sensory cross curricular activity day for one class

Shelters of the world; shelter-making activity with a ‘huts and shelters of Kenya’ cdrom show

Africa: Creation stories and Animal clay mask making.

Australia: Didgeridoo – everyone gets a go!

Aboriginal map making (also part of geography), songlines literacy) and didgeridoo painting.

North America: Native American creation myths and outdoor activities;

The coming of the Dreamcatcher and dream-catcher making;

Dance: learn the Cherokee dance of life, something a whole school can do at once!