muir treks

“I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.” – John Muir

The Muir Trek is a sunrise to sunset journey through a natural wild place no one knows, inspired by explorer, Sierra Club founder and ‘father’ of the National Park movement, John Muir.  Muir would head into the wilds of nature seeking only the richness of the day rather than set a destination.  The Muir trek emphasises the Muir-inspired qualities of zest, celebration, joy and adventure in the natural world.  However the focus of the Muir Trek is on the individual in the natural world – not the group.  Group bonding is not emphasised on a Muir trek.  Instead, the day is accented with leader inputs which help the participants explore their own perceptions and experiences in nature, which are shared in an informal way with the group.

Although Chris will lead treks all over the country, he is based in East Devon, close to the wonderful peddlebed heaths of Woodbury Common, the wild and mysterious undercliffs, and glorious Dartmoor.

The Muir Trek begins shortly before sunrise as the leader and 8 to 11 participants set off to explore the essence of a wild place close to hand.  Carrying all they need with them – water, a bit of food, proper clothing – they take the time to explore a small part of our planet.  Rather than seeking a destination or being challenged by nature, the Muir Trek moves deliberately with the day.  The goal is an internal one, to be conscious and joyful in being outdoors, in direct contact with the earth.  There is time to sit and watch and reflect on the natural world, and to saunter and wander over relatively short distances.

The cost is very minimal, on a sliding scale from £35-£50, and considering the preparation and the gentle, sensitive facilitator input for the day, I can assure you from personal experience, a Muir Trek is a very fine and worthwhile thing to do with a day in your life.