individual tuition, mentoring and OCN Qualification in Woodland Survival Skills

One to one tuition and mentoring in all the skills Chris offers at £22 per hour.

This includes: medicinal and edible plant use, foraging and preparation, cordage making, whittling and spoon carving, fire by friction, didgeridoo playing and making, tracking, storytelling, story making, nature awareness activities

OCN accredited bushcraft course

See for more details. Chris is one of the tutors based in the south west. Especially good for home schooled children and young people after an interesting an incredibly practical qualification – read on for more info.

Woodland Survival Skills (Bushcraft) OCN level 1 and 2

The sense of adventure is within most young people. Conventional forms of education rarely meet the needs of kids who want to explore and try new things. The Woodland Survival Skills (Bushcraft) course provides a fantastic opportunity for young people, especially those who struggle with more conventional education, to gain a recognised certification in the exciting and stimulating world of bushcraft and wilderness survival. It provides a perfect grounding in life-skills, environmental education and a deep level of self esteem. It is a rite of passage to feel at home in Mother Nature. It is quite a unique qualification to have to put in a portfolio or CV, guaranteed to be noticed by any interviewer. 

Teaching will be carried out by Chris Holland. Assessment by David Watson

A 5 day training course, which could be consecutive day, with two nights spent out in the woods in shelters, gives students the possibility of gaining an OCN level 1 or 2 qualification. Accreditation comes through the Open College Network East Midlands Region… yes its a long way away, but it’s where this programme started. 

24-30 hours of teaching time will cover aspects of:

  • Shelter building – for a night in the woods
  • safe tool use – the fixed blade sheath knife
  • safe fire lighting and fire by friction
  • natural cordage
  • wild edible plant identification and preparation
  • camp fire cookery
  • water purification
  • safety and hygiene.

The assessment is aimed at finding out what students can physically demonstrate and explain in simple terms.  Photographs, verbal questions and simple forms, which can be filled in by the student with the assessor’s help if necessary, are the methods of assessment.

Every effort is made to ensure that a student who can demonstrate and explain their understanding is not disadvantaged because of their possible limitations with pen and paper.

Initial training is given in various suitable locations, but the overnight element must be in the woods!

The actual assessment is in local woodland. Once in the wood, students pair up and are given the tasks of building a shelter and bed using the resources available; lighting a fire with the materials provided; and cooking their food. On the second day they show the instructor individually how to make string, filter water, and find food.

Cost: For 12 people:  £3000 or £250 per person. This covers tuition, assessment, all food and venue hire.

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