DREAM 3/4 BEDROOM HOME WANTED by nature loving family

Sometime it’s time to put out a big shout!

HOME WANTED for nature loving family.
Thank you for taking a moment to read this request, and passing it on!

We are a family of five living in east Devon, nr Sidmouth.We have three children of 21, 14 and 6 years old (our eldest is mostly at uni) plus a cat and two guinea pigs.
We are looking for a long term home for our family to grow up in. We need a cottage/house/bungalow or liveable shack (!) with four or more bedrooms.
Our ideal is to have a woodburner, sheds or workshop, parking for two vehicles,a garden with a greenhouse and room to grow flowers and veggies.land with trees. Near the sea.

For a very long time we have dreamed of having a garden to grow veg, land to love, a stream to play in. We would love to keep chickens, a dog, a donkey even! We are nature lovers, star gazers, sea swimmers, would be bee keepers.

Our current home (rented) is about to go up for sale so we need a new and magical long term home to love ASAP (March 2014!).
Being self-employed and home educating our youngest,we dont have a huge income so our ideal rent would be around £750.00 per month right now (though we plan to earn oodles in the future so this may change!!).
However we do have skills and willingness to take care of and nurture a property. We don’t mind how rustic or rural. We are committed, creative and hardworking.
We want to settle long enough to grow community as well as fruit trees.

I am an established environmental educator, specialising in nature connection and creative outdoor learning in schools and camps throughout the year. I am also an author and storyteller. My website is http://www.wholeland.org.uk/. Having a piece of land where I can run courses would be fantastic. I used to be a caretaker and handyman on a farm and a landscape gardener too.

Can you help our dream come true? We are not time wasters. If you have a property that you think may suit us we would love to hear from you. All offers will be seriously considered. Thank you. Chris Holland and family, 01297 444936, 07980 601830, chris@wholeland.org.uk