Devon nettle and blue cheese wraps with wild garlic and ox-eye daisy garnish

2013-05-11-357 - Version 2

Tonight involved a lovely impromptu forage around the lovely Holyford Woods, East Devon. I was asked to meet up with a couple from Kent who wanted to come on a foraging course. They were staying at the lovely yurt holiday place run by Jan and Caroline – We spent a lovely two hours walking and talking, then returned to the yurt to cook up some nettle and blue cheese wraps.


Here is the recipe:

  • cut up an onion while wilting a carrier bag of nettle tips in a wok, with a cup of water (and nettles tipped out of the bag into the wok, obviously!), on the open fire.
  • squeeze a bit of the juice from and then remove nettles from wok.
  • fry onions in wok til soft and transparent.
  • whisk up 4 eggs, some milk and some bullion powder. chop up a 150g block of devon blue stilton.
  • add nettles to wok and when hot again add egg mixture.
  • stir for  few mins and then add the cheese.
  • transfer to wraps, add some of the garnish, roll and munch!
  • Enough for about 6 wraps.





Details of my next foraging courses can be found on the foraging website: edible hedgerow on 26th May and edible riverside on the 21st September, (and there’s also the edible seashore I will be leading alongside Robin Harford on the 25th of May)