I love my World – the nature connection guidebook

“This book is a must for all” – Michael Morpurgo


 This book has been written for teachers, forest school leaders, parents, outdoor educators, play rangers, Uncles, Aunties, Grannies and Granddads – infact, anyone with a love of the outdoors who enjoys sharing it with others.

“Here’s a book which puts children in touch with the natural world. It will open their eyes and their ears, their hearts and their minds, to the countryside. Full of fun and imaginative, practical ideas this book is a must for everyone concerned with children, the environment and the part we must all play in protecting it.”
Michael Morpurgo, Bestselling Children’s Author

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At the moment there are three versions of I love my world  – paperback, ebook and kindle. The paperback has consistently been in the top 100 selling self published books on LULU.com, with over 1 million self published books. I would prefer to sell you one direct.

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Here’s a short 2min video (from 2009) of me talking about it about the book if you would like to know a bit more…

“This book is a must!”says Michael Morpurgo

New, with loads of colour photos. Small enough to have in your phone!
New, with loads of colour photos. Small enough to have in your phone!

 “Practical, insightful, effervescent” Jay Griffiths author of Kith and Wild

“My go to nature connection activity guidebook” Charlie Loram, Travel writer, Outdoor educator, Dad

“Brilliant book for arty crafty things to do in the great outdoors….. put the great back into taking kids outdoors… Fab book with good detail…. love it” Suey

Great book for ideas for forest school practitioners, teachers and anyone wanting ideas for outdoor learning . Easy to read and dip into. JMB

“This is a fantastic book on so many levels; educational, practical, spiritual. It is easy to engage with at which ever level is most comfortable for you. Chris Holland writes an ‘idiot’s guide’ to activities without patronising. The deeper meaning of the activity is explained so that the learning or well-being needs being addressed are clear.” Fi Ham

“His book is an absolute must for the Forest School Practitioner, the Outdoor Classroom Teacher or parent who feels the need to turn off the T.V. or computer and simply spend some quality time outside” C Pearce

The original must have in your bag for outdoor days paperback with b&w photos
The original must have in your bag for outdoor days paperback with b&w photos

“If you’re looking for ideas, enthusiasm and creativity in the outdoors then this IS the book for you. Your young people will thank you for reading this book!”

A wonderful collection of ideas, projects, games, information full of inspiration
for kids of any age or gender as well as their parents. I only wish I had this book
when my kids were younger.
Buy it!!! Richard Diss

“A great balance of practical guides, activities, ideas..with the energy and inspiration which is so often required to actually get you outside trying them.” V Mew

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