Creative outdoor learning INSET training & nature connection for Stamford Junior School with Chris Holland

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Last week I completed a combination of INSET training and creative learning outdoors workshops for Stamford Junior School. During the first afternoon of this term I spent three hours with the staff engaging them in the outdoor classroom, and teaching them about Natural Flow Learning. We found ourselves in a little used part of the school grounds, often kept out of bounds…but as we all know, there is often greatest diversity and creativity at the edge ( of the school grounds)

Which leads us to this last week. Two days of workshops, about an hour with each class, taking the learning outdoors. Often the workshops would start with a story, followed by an activity to embody the learning from the story, and finishing with a sharing to consolidate the experience.

This is the posting from the school website:

And this is the feedback from the teachers:

KS1 particularly enjoyed the story telling and were able to sit still and listen for about an hour; it was quite a long time for them to sit still, but Chris held their attention with his different musical instruments and the variety of stories.


Yr2 were excited about dressing up in outdoor clothes and going outside in the rain; they all participated in the activities and followed the instructions. They have already had some experience in the classroom of grouping items together and counting in two’s, three’s etc. but enjoyed working in a different environment.


The Year 3 children thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to take their learning outdoors. They particularly enjoyed using all the natural resources from the environment to recreate  map activities. It was interesting to notice the ILIC collaboration and initiative presented by different children.  It was also interesting to see how ‘the great outdoors’ can inspire some, particularly the boys.


‘We found our session on outdoor learning extremely enjoyable and valuable, providing the children with an opportunity to explore the world around them.  The children were full of enthusiasm and are very keen to repeat the experience.’

All in all a job well done!

creative outdoor learning at the edge (of the school grounds!)
creative outdoor learning at the edge (of the school grounds!)
the charcoal tree
the charcoal tree