camps – at Trill Farm, in your school grounds or lovely natural places nearby

Overnight camp for a class of Yr6 leavers - well deserved after all those SATS
Overnight camp for a class of Yr6 leavers – well deserved after all those SATS!

Camps from the Stone Age for the Stars!

Overnight tented Camps in your school grounds or lovely natural spaces nearby with Chris Holland, and a crew of other excellent educators when they are needed, to provide an awesome range of crafts, games activities and storytelling. From Stone Age skills to stories about the Stars and astronomy! One night or one week.. we run excellent camps!

The experience was originally aimed at primary school leavers, but has developed t other age groups too and is very suitable for bringing together a new year group, and a brilliant way to introduce children to camping.

“Chris made the camp a very memorable and special experience for our Year 6 leavers.We were thrilled – what a fantastic way to end the year!” Mrs Evans.

Activities and team-building games are fun, and chosen to develop connection with nature, a sense of direction, global citizenship and wonder. The stories around the campfire include myths from around the world about how some of the constellations came to be- so hopefully we will get a glimpse of the stars!

Overnight Camps run from after school until as late as 11.30am the next morning.

Nature Connection camps are a day and a night.

All food included. All you need to bring is your bedding, clothing and a toothbrush!

From £25 per person, (minimum charge £700) plus travel. Contact Chris on 07980 601830 for more information.

As of 2014 I have also teamed up with Trill Farm nr Axminster to offer fab nature connection camps at Trill Farm – have a peek at their website here – They have composting toilets, camping barn, solar hot water,  a dis-used railway, woods, a high ropes course, sheep and cows – it’s amazing!

Here is some more feedback from a head teacher, and a participant:

The camp was brilliant. The children had an amazing time – Chris makes everything so special whether it be swimming in the river, playing bat and moth, listening for the bats with the bat detector or just sitting round the campfire sharing their memories (hilarious and extremely moving!).  It was quite magical and a wonderful end to a busy term. I am sure all the children will remember it as one of the highlights of their precious time in Y6.

It was a great year 6 get together and one of the best memories I have of all my primary school friends. Billy Evans