Hello and Welcome. 

I’ve been working in field of environmental education since 2000 because I would like to help us feel at home and take care of this wonderful planet.

I have worked for the likes of EdenProject, the National Park Rangers, RSPB, Investec, and BP.

I’ve written a nature connection guidebook that Sir Michael Morpurgo said “is a must for all” and Tim Smit, founder of EdenProject said “should be available on prescription”.

I help people re-connect with themselves, with each other, and the rest of Nature in a wide variety of ways, including bushcraft, storytelling and art. 

For example for children I do this through weekly forest school and outdoor play. 

For adults though one to one mentoring and coaching, foraging and bird language courses, training and team-building events. 

For families I run family camps. 

For parents and teachers I have written and self published a book that has sold over 15000 copies and created online CPD courses in storytelling and doing music outdoors too. 

For businesses and organisations I offer nature and storytelling based mentoring and leadership development that is rooted in natural cycles, directions and systems that offers hope, grounding and a route towards regenerative futures.

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