For schools

“All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today – Ancient Chinese Proverb

As a leading inspiration in creative outdoor learning and a best selling author of a forest school activity guidebook I provide excellent consultancy, INSET training & team building, enrichment programmes and workshops.

I believe that people learn best through play, embodied learning, direct experience and stories. I’m passionate about helping teachers take learning outside and to helpmate it playful and challenging. 

The services I offer schools provide excellent value for money, real enrichment to your curriculum as well as a memorable and fun experience for the children and teachers.

The categories below give a clear outline of what I do in schools, and I am always very happy to be approached about ideas you have that would make best use of my skills.

The intention behind these events and workshops is to learn to play, play to learn, while also developing citizenship,  creativity, leadership skills, social responsibility, self-esteem,  and a deep care and connection to self, others and nature.

Also! You can buy a copy of my book, I love my World. It is a guidebook for all teachers who are interested in forest schools or simply getting outside with their children more.

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