Another successful Bushcraft Stagdo

When 7 guys turn up at the woods and one of them is dressed in a PIkachu outfit it’s fairly obvious that it’s another Stag weekend!

A strange ritual now began; one of the challenges the best man had set the stag was to kiss everyones knees before we began the shelter building and fire making!

Bushcraft stag do – Pikachu shelter building
Pleased with progress
The tinder bundle ignites
Happy fire starters
Happy fire starters

Once again we were very lucky with the weather. Warm, dry. A light breeze. Which was a good thing because after a couple of beers the stag set off in the dark dragging a large log, shortly to be hunted by 6 hounds. His challenge to get back to the camp before the hounds found him. The stag just hid and wasn’t found for almost an hour! His punishment… to be gaffer taped to a tree!



The rest of the night was spent burning lots of wood on the fire, music and chat and more rum.


After a hearty breakfast the stag and best man had a duel under the beach tree. They both survived because they we rubbish shots…(to be fair they were blindfolded!)

Last thing on the list: the closing ceremony! All the best for married life Steve!

Bushcraft Stagdo closing ceremony
Bushcraft Stagdo closing ceremony