Understanding Bird Language course in May – for outdoor educators, forest school leaders and parents!

Bird Language course at Core Projects, Somerset with Chris Holland
Learning to understand the language of nature and use it as a teaching aid.

Learn new games, mapping activities and sneaky ways to get people out in nature sitting still, listening…

“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”


Friday 8th May 9am – 3pm


How do birds communicate and what are they doing? What can we learn from this?

Our ancestors had an innate knowledge of what was going on around them – understanding the voices and body language of birds gives us clues to the concentric rings, the ripples of communication going on in the animal world. You can also tell things like which direction the wind is coming from and whether it will rain or not from watching the birds.

Participants will:

  • hear some inspirational stories,
  • try new games to play with children and adults,
  • have a go at mapping and gleaning techniques,
  • see how the activities link to learning in schools
  • learn about the 5 voices of the birds,
  • spend time alone, in stillness, observing nature
  • hopefully deepen your connections to place and? people.

This course is invaluable for anyone working in the outdoors with children or adults, who enjoys sharing the wonders of nature with others because it will give you an advantage and help you understand what the birds are telling you.

“A little bird told me.” Many of us know the meaning of the phrase. You will come to know how the phrase came to be!

For more information and to make bookings contact Rachelle at core projects and please phone 01935 891661 or email: info@coreprojects.org.uk