Teambuilding and INSET at Junior Kings, Canterbury

“Invigorating, challenging, fun and best of all, outside!” – Deputy Head

During the middle of last Month I delivered my largest day long INSET and Team building event to date. The weather was glorious. There were 68 staff assembled in the dinner hall for coffee and croissant to start the day. I had a fabulous team of Elizabeth Appleton, Victoria Mew and Marina Robb helping me to deliver the activities and sessions based on the natural flow learning cycle proposed by Joseph Cornell and Jon Young et al. The video slideshow from the day is below:


JKINSET from chris holland on Vimeo.

The general feeling in the school at the end of the day was one of happiness with many teachers coming and thanking us directly, while sharing the inspiration they had gained and the next steps they intended to take.

“A great reminder of what opportunities we have in the grounds here.”

“Today’s INSET was so refreshing, led by some of the most delightful people I have ever met!”