Shambala Bushcamp 2014 – the photos

We we lucky enough to have Wendy Tobiassen along as one of the helpers one night at this years Shambala festival Bushcamp,  and not only did she provide some excellent granny style emotional support, she also happened to be playing with a new camera. She has taken some excellent shots – albeit only on the Friday night/saturday morning camp. I have pasted a link to the photos, most of which Wendy took, on google’s picasa.
I think you will love the atmosphere of our camp and the adventure the kids go on, whether your children are in the photos or not:
We were also fortunate to have been gifted a whole load of mini glow sticks for the children to have…thay also provided the light in the night around the main camp.
I am very grateful to The Glow Company for the kind support again this year.
Thanks again to Wendy, Raz, Megan, Sarah and Vicky for being the amazing volunteers!
PS we sold out of tickets/places again! only 22 available each night