morning song to give you wings

Dear all,

This hedgerow song came to me as I was walking NE along the track to the barn at Hawbush Farm, (the location of this summer’s Art of Mentoring meetup,) with wind and rain blasting through the hedge. I was thinking back to how earlier in the morning the birdsong had woken me, even though the tempestuous weather was interacting noisily with my tent fabric and how the bird song lifted me up. In the next moment the uplifting, bluesy tune came to me and the words came with the next gust through the hawthorne!

It’s a good one for around the fire or in group work… there’s space in the music for improvisations and whistling and vocal bass lines.


Waking up this morning, I heard the birds a-singing;

It lifted up my heart, and gave me wings.