away days & teambuilding for teachers

off foraging!

“Quite simply the best team day we have had in years” Anne-Marie, ENDAS bushcraft away day 2008

In beautiful woods in East Devon, at your favourite wild location, at Escot Park near Honiton, along the River Otter, Overnight in five star yurts, bivvis in the woods, or even up on Dartmoor, Chris will tailor a memorable event in Nature, re-connecting with your colleagues and the land we are all part of.

A cunning mixture of bushcraft, environmental art and nature awareness activities.

“Bushcraft skills cover such a huge field of knowledge, activity and traditional craft. There is huge scope for teamwork and spending quality time together doing something new, and having a laugh while your at it. To date I have been mostly running shelter building, wild-fire making and foraging days out…I would love the opportunity to try something new myself, like organizing a coppicing and basket making away day, or even a tracking away day. Try me out, i am sure you will not be disappointed.” says Chris Holland

Lovely local food and drinks provided, to keep food miles down and you nourished with something from the land you live on.

Simple, delicious, locally sourced food is provided to compliment an array of bushcraft, environmental art and natural awareness activities designed to inspire your team, build team and group energy and raise the spirit and delivery of your service (for the greater good of all of course!).

You might find things get a bit tribal, challenging and focused:

But there is always quality time so spend chatting with colleagues around the fire while the kettle boils (oh no, not nettle tea again!):

Muir trek away days.

As of October 2008, Chris is also qualified to lead Muir Treks.

“I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.” – John Muir

The Muir Trek is a sunrise to sunset journey through a natural wild place no one knows, inspired by explorer, Sierra Club founder and ‘father’ of the National Park movement, John Muir.  Muir would head into the wilds of nature seeking only the richness of the day rather than set a destination.  The Muir trek emphasises the Muir-inspired qualities of zest, celebration, joy and adventure in the natural world.  However the focus of the Muir Trek is on the individual in the natural world – not the group.  Group bonding is not emphasised on a Muir trek.  Instead, the day is accented with leader inputs which help the participants explore their own perceptions and experiences in nature, which are shared in an informal way with the group.

The Muir Trek begins shortly before sunrise as the leader and 8 to 11 participants set off to explore the essence of a wild place close to hand.  Carrying all they need with them – water, a bit of food, proper clothing – they take the time to explore a small part of our planet.  Rather than seeking a destination or being challenged by nature, the Muir Trek moves deliberately with the day.  The goal is an internal one, to be conscious and joyful in being outdoors, in direct contact with the earth.  There is time to sit and watch and reflect on the natural world, and to saunter and wander over relatively short distances.

Previous  away day clients include;




Prices from £70 per person for day events. Concessions are made for voluntary and charity organisations so phone up if you want to haggle.