Nature Connection Activities for Boarders at JKC, with Chris Holland

Teambuilding, connecting to self, each other and the local environment with bushcraft and nature connection games and activities – what a great way to start the term and school year!

jk nature connection

I was recently invited back to Canterbury one Sunday morning in September. The weather was set to change from fair to stormy by the evening – good job we had shelter building and other survival skills planned for the days activities. All in there were about 70 of us, including staff. We started with some map making using found natural objects and then headed off to the woods where smaller groups put up tarps, had a go at the five minute fire challenge, played sneaking and blindfold awareness games as well as a tracking game called hare and hounds.

This is what the head of boarding Mr Chatterley had to say about the event:

I was hugely impressed with the sessions you ran during your visit. The children enjoyed a highly stimulating range of activities, both on-site and in the woods, and the activities you led provided them with valuable opportunities to take part in team-building challenges, show initiative and to be resourceful. The children were bowled over by the day and found it exciting and highly enjoyable. Many thanks for running such an inspirational session and I very much hope that you are able to visit us again soon.

And this is the feedback from the Headteacher and children in the weekly newsletter:JK the week