Bulstone Farm Foraging Course 19th May

Wild food and Organic Chicken from the farm. Delicious!!!

Bringing the wild home a journey into the seasonal wild edible flora of East Devon

The focus of this course is to make a chicken and nettle curry to accompany many side dishes made from other wild and edible plants collected on the farm, supplemented with local organic ingredients – (but we’re not going to actually hunt the chicken!)

There is an outside dining area to feast in when we have collected and cooked, and a camp fire to sit around into the evening.

What’s the plan?

  • To meet at 5.30 for a 6pm start
  • Wander into the farm landscape to identify and experience at least 15 different edible plants
  • Gather wild plants to make a range of simple dishes with accompaniment of local organic veg and chicken or eggs from the farm.
  • Cook up at the camp kitchen
  • Feast in the outdoor dining area
  • Enjoy the camp fire later on into the night if you are staying over (for the fire by friction course the next day.)

Price £30 plus camping fee of £5-10 if you are staying over.

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The Nettle fritters were in great demand last time….